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Best Lingerie Trends Of 2022

Best Lingerie Trends Of 2022

We have compiled the lingerie trends you must follow in 2022. Whether you want to update your wardrobe with a few minor tweaks or you want to take things to the next level with a fashionable statement, the trends listed below are your best options.

The internet is flooded with articles that analyze fashion trends, but we believe it's equally essential to discuss what's going on underneath women’s clothes.

We are here to emphasize that lingerie should not be neglected. Yes, it is great to know that your clothes look good, but it also feels satisfying to know that your lingerie is top notch.

Check out the best lingerie trends of 2022:

1. Retro style
The classic underwear we have all come to expect is getting some modern updates. Bras with the traditional form and aesthetic, but with fresh minor design elements like intriguing fabrics, fresh hues, and novel accents should start to appear.

High-waisted briefs and thongs will become more popular this year as demand for these styles soars. Briefs are no longer an afterthought. People are going back to 1950s-style silhouettes and 80s-cut high-leg thongs and choosing to wear a beloved classic that needs to be revitalized.

2. Pastels
Many of us prefer neutral hues like black, red, and white. However, wearing pastels will make you appear stunning. Because pastel colors are less saturated, they make you feel serene and tranquil. Ladies, don't these colors scream vacation?

3. Comfort first
Comfort and sexy used to be on opposing sides of the spectrum, but some manufacturers have discovered that the two may go hand in hand.

It makes sense that consumers are no longer ready to forego comfort in favor of something that merely "looks good." Instead, the industry appears to be moving toward aesthetically pleasing, cozy, and long-lasting natural fabric types.

You want a lingerie set that will provide you with the utmost support and comfort from the beginning of the day to the end. Never let comfort go from your thoughts. Whatever everyone says, coziness is sexy!

4. Bold tones
It is not surprising to find that the lingerie trends for 2022 include brilliant, dramatic hues.

People will likely try unusual shades and unconventional colors like greens and yellows this year as demand for lingerie in more vibrant hues increases quickly. Bright green underwear is clearly in demand, overshadowing the more overtly feminine colors of pink and berry. The traditional black lingerie set, on the other hand, is here to stay. It's the holy grail of lingerie, wearable all year round, and a requirement!

5. Sheer
Okay, it's time to put away all your outerwear because sheer bodysuits are ready to play. A sheer bralette and sheer baby doll will keep the mood light and sensual. Yes, a fully sheer lingerie set is required for the big night because, women, every relationship flourishes in openness.

You may reign supreme all year in these scorching-hot lingerie trends. We have an incredible selection of apparel at Unmentionables Lingerie – perfect for all occasions and moods! Check them out before they go out of stock.