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3 Ways To Care For Silk Lingerie

3 Ways To Care For Silk Lingerie

You should take good care of your silk underwear. By taking proper care of your favorite items, you may enjoy seeing them look better and knowing that they will last longer.

In addition, maintaining a decent hygiene routine will help you avoid overconsumption by preventing you from throwing away your bras and underwear in favor of buying more. Isn't that a perfect win-win scenario?

The greatest approach for you to help reduce fashion waste is to make sure you utilize the items you already own as much possible, and that goes for lingerie as well. Buying from sustainable and ethical businesses is a step in the right direction.

How To Take Care Of Silk Lingerie

If you have any clothing made of this material, you are aware of how superior silk is to wear. This lovely, soft, shiny material is breathable, cool, and heat-insulating, and it has long been associated with luxury.

Although it is a gorgeous fabric, it is also delicate and needs some care to maintain its beauty and longevity. In fact, there are certain extra precautions to ensure that this lovely fiber can be worn for as long as possible. Read on.

1. Hand Washing

If you choose to hand wash your silk undergarments, prepare a sink with cold water and detergent. As you add your underwear and make gentle water motions, a lather will form.

Avoid scrubbing too vigorously since this might strain and harm the fibers. It is advisable to let a garment soak if it is extremely delicate. After soaking, you can use a toothbrush with extremely soft bristles to gently scrape off any filth or residue that remains on the clothing. Rinse the clothes until there are no suds left in the water.

2. Dry Cleaning

You may wash silk lingerie at home even if many labels for silk clothing state "dry clean only". The best option is always hand cleaning if there are no stains or markings. There are two significant exceptions to this rule, though.

The first is for corsets, which shouldn't be submerged in water unless the label clearly instructs you to do so. The second is for clothing with two extremely different hues of silk since the color may bleed (for instance, a black robe with white silk trim).

Contrarily, silk corsets can't be soaked in water and are frequently too fragile to resist the spin cycle process, so they need special cleaning. Additionally, confirm that the dry cleaner has the equipment and expertise necessary to clean your corset without harming it.

But if the harm is already done and your silk underwear is soiled, it's usually better to take it to a dry cleaner as soon as you realize what you've done. The longer the stain remains on the clothing, the more challenging it is to wash it and get satisfactory results.

3. Machine Washing

In general, washing silk in the washing machine is not advised, especially if your underwear is exceptionally pricey or fragile. Better to at least make sure you divide your clothing by color and place it in a laundry bag if hand washing isn't really an option.

Additionally, use a detergent designed especially for silk, and select a washing cycle that is as soft as possible. No spin cycle and low temps. Importantly, keep colors well separated; as silk is a natural material, bleeding is a possibility, especially with darker hues and red.

Proper Drying Of Silk Lingerie

Nearly as delicate as washing, drying silk undergarments is a delicate process. Avoid wringing out the silk because doing so could alter the texture of the cloth permanently. If a garment is extremely damp, gently dab it between two towels to wick away further moisture.

Clothes should ideally be allowed to dry flat on a towel. Before drying clothes, make sure to gently reshape them, especially if they are structural items like padded bras.

How To Fold And Store Silk Lingerie

To prevent damage, silk undergarments should be stored in designated areas. Padded hangers can assist keep the silk from creasing on the shoulders of bigger loungewear items. Smaller items, like bras and undergarments, can be stored in boxes or drawers. To avoid the cups of padded bras warping, avoid folding or squeezing them.